It’s all true…

Buying in to the notion that all things are nothing more than energy is not easy. Even if it consceptually sounds feasable, believing this idea is not easy.

Science has chased matter down to it’s smallest known particle only to find that particles are ultimately nothing more than vibration. Fundamentally, physics and metaphysics concur. All things are vibration. Vibration is energy.

This would mean that science works as well as the new age logic. It is challenging to fathom that you coffee mug is nothing more than energy. But it is. Your mug is energy packed so densely that it holds liquid. Your table is energy, your pillow is energy, your toothbrush is energy, your bathroom mirror is energy. Not only is your bathroom mirror energy but the reflection you see from it is energy.

Few people would argue that light and sound are not energy. They are each nothing more than wavelengths. Wavelengths = vibration. So,.. if we know this is true about light and sound, why is it such a stretch to beleive all things are vibrations. Wave lengths. Energy.

For the point of conversation, lets just assume that this is true. All things living and static are nothing more and nothing less than energy in various shapes. How would that affect reality as we know it?

If all things are indeed energy, then that means all things can be influenced or manipulated. It means that no tangible thing is more real than sound or light or color. If this is the case, then all things are possible. All things can be true. Every religion is true, every belief is true, healing arts are all true, crystals truly do hold power, Feng shui works as promised, dowsing is real, god is real, thoughts can heal, psychic ability is true, ghosts and spirits exist as do angels and demons.

If all things are energy, then everything is possible. The ONLY vital ingredient is perception. If we perceive something to be real, then it is as real (or not real) as any other thing.

Just because the vibration of your coffee mug is tangible and a healing thought is not does not make one more real than another. All humans know and feel love. Love is perhaps the least tangible thing on earth and it also happens to be the most powerful force on earth. No person doubts the power of love.

If all things are nothing more than energy/vibration, the world becomes a very magical place. For that, i am grateful.

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