Life can be so easy…

If we choose to swim upstream and fight the tons of water rushing at us, we will find that we become exhausted and frustrated in a very short time. We also realize that all of our effort has not moved us very far. The forces in play here are much greater than ourselves. Choosing to swim upstream will not bring us any level of happiness.

In life we have a simple choice in how we live our lives that can dictate how simple or how difficult our life will be. Despite this choice being a simple “A” or “B” decision, most of us find it challenging to do so. We over complicate things. This simple A or B choice is exactly the difference between swimming upstream agains the current or floating downstream with the current.

If we choose to go with the flow and let the current carry us downstream, it will take very little effort for us to travel great distances. Without the struggle of fighting the current we will have an opportunity to enjoy the journey. To soak up the sights along the way. The moment we make the decision to go with the flow, we will find happiness. Happiness will grow and grow along the way. Life will be easy.

If we choose to live our lives in a fearful, competitive manner, our behaviors will become self centered. This lifestyle will distance us from our true selves. The true nature of all humans is selfless. We will grow further and further away from our creator or “god” if you prefer. To live out of alignment with our true selves is to live a life of struggle fighting for every inch upstream.

If we choose to live our lives in love, discarding selfish behaviors for acts of kindness, we align ourselves with our true nature. We become aligned with our creator. We become one will all and life becomes extremely easy. If we learn to give unconditionally, we will receive in abundance as a result.

Choosing the way we live and how we behave in life truly is as simple as making the choice to do so. Trust your heart. If a thing feels right, then do it. If a thing feels off or wrong, avoid it. Life really can be that easy.

The challenge here is changing our perceptions and our habits. Each of us has spent a lifetime learning habits. Habits that do not benefit us. We believe we have developed a formula for life that will someday pay off. But, if we are not in alignment with our true selves, there will never be a payoff. If we learn to live in alignment with our true selves, the payoff will happen this moment and the payoff will be greater than we ever hoped for. All we have to do is change our perception. In doing so we readjust our priorities and life will come easy to us. We will no longer be chasing happiness.

The pursuit and adoration of material things and physical wealth are detrimental to human spirituality. Prioritizing these things in life is counterproductive to aligning with our true self.

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