Go jump in a lake!!!

All things and all beings are one. We are one collective energy. Even if you are not convinced of that yet, for the purpose of this conversation, perhaps just assume that belief for now.

All that is required to step in to this oneness is the desire to do so. Much like jumping into a lake. You make the decision and then you leap. It is really as simple as that.

For most of us, this leap into the unknown can be very daunting. It is a leap into the unknown,.. or so we think. In reality, making the leap into our metaphysical selves is more of a homecoming. Once we make the leap we begin to realize that we are in very familiar territory. We end up in a place that is familiar to us rather than foreign to us. But making the leap can be daunting none the less.

For me, my decision to leap into the metaphysical came with me asking myself, what have i got to lose? I realized that there was no potential downside and unlimited potential rewards.

Back to the jumping into a lake analogy. Even when we do decide to jump into the lake, we cannot stay there forever. Regardless of how wonderful it feels, we are humans and we must return to the shore as part of that existence. But, once we have experienced the refreshing waters of the lake, we will no longer resist returning often. In time, we will begin to maintain the bliss of being in the water even while we are on land. We will exist on physical and metaphysical planes at the same time. That, is true happiness.

Maintaining the bliss requires a bit of effort. At least for me it does. As a human, i must remind myself through small acts to stay in alignment with my non physical being. There are countless ways to do this and we must each seek the ways that work best for us. Meditation, nature, eating wholesome food, hugs, gratitude, laughter, exercise are just a few of the ways that is stay in alignment. Every person must find their own tools for doing so, but until you find your own, borrow from others. Test drive other peoples practices. Some will work for you, some will not. As we become accustomed to being in alignment, it becomes more and more effortless.

Each of us has a built in meter for determining out alignment. It is our heart. If something feels good in our heart, it brings us toward alignment. If something does not feel good in our heart, it moves us away from alignment.

It is important to learn to make the distinction between things that make you feel good in your heart and things that please your intellect. Winning the lottery is more likely something that please the intellect. Sharing laughter with a friend (or a stranger) is something that comes from the heart. Going out of our way to the rightful owner of a lost cell phone or wallet feels good in the heart. With a little practice it is easy for us to teach ourselves to distinguish.

So, at times when i find myself drifting out of alignment with my true self, i employ one or more of the practices that bring me back in to alignment. The sooner we acknowledge drifting out of alignment, the easier it is to correct. In very short time, being in alignment becomes second nature and life becomes happy, easy and full of miracles. This is what i call bliss. Once we learn this simple technique, we can simply do things that make us feel happy and avoid things that do not make us happy. I love it when things turn out to be that simple.

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