Love your mother

It is interesting to me that we as humans often seem to forget that the earth is our home. The earth is our only sanctuary. Without it we cannot exist. We have no alternative to living here. And yet we treat our Mother Earth very poorly and with great disrespect.

Most of us work diligently to keep our houses clean and in good repair. We make them safe and comfortable. We take pride in our abodes and then we exploit out true home, planet earth.

Folks can argue until they are blue in the face about the cause of the changing global climate, but only an ill informed person would argue that it is not happening.

Travel down any road or highway and you will find litter everywhere. So much so that we often barely notice it. Visit any coastline and you will likely find litter from humans. We have all seen the footage of our ocean waters filled with bits of plastic. We have all heard warnings about risk of eating fish with high mercury content. Most of us have witnessed smog layers over cities, some of us see it every day.

The bottom line is, if we are humans living in a modern world, we are guilty culprits. If you are reading this article, you are a guilty culprit.

I am not tossing out any insight that each of has does not already know. The purpose of this piece is to hopefully add a bit of perspective. We place our trash in cans and every weeks we place our cans at the curb and POOF, our waste vanishes and all is well. If you believe that, you should take a few minutes and visit your local landfill. Once the trash from our cans leaves our neighborhood, it does not vanish. Nearly all of it recyclable or not gets packed into the landfill. A very small percentage of our recyclable waste actually gets recycled. Recycling waste only occurs when it is profitable to do so.

The first step to solving any problem is to become aware that there is a problem. In recent decades various efforts and campaigns have done a brilliant job to make us all aware of the destruction and abuse that we impose upon our planet. The first step has been taken.

It is now time for the second step. Action. We have all seen some changes in society that are evidence of such action. But we can not rely on big business and our legislatures to solve this problem. We are each the cause. We are each responsible to be the cure. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to each other and we owe it to future generations to do the right thing. Laziness is no excuse for inaction.

The most efficient way to remove carbon from the atmosphere also happens to be extremely cheap. Trees. Trees are extemely efficient carbon traps. They sequester carbon and provide oxygen. Those are the elements for cleaning our ozone. It’s that simple. There are organizations that replant forests for as little as $1 per tree. A buck per tree that will clean our air for decades and maybe even centuries. Imagine what our air would be like a decade or so from now if one tree was planted on behalf of each human every year. That s 7.5 billion trees per yer. One dollar per person. Many of us spend $3 per day on a coffee or latte but dont think to offer a few dollars per month or year to help offset climate change. If we are too lazy to act, we can help offset that lethargy by supporting others in their effort financially.

Now is our time as humans and individually to act more responsibly. Each month, develop a new habit that works toward solving the problem. Walk to the store instead of drive. Avoid using single use plastics. Plant a tree in your yard. Donate old goods for re-use. Avoid using chemicals in your garden. Pick up a piece of litter on the street. Buy organic. There is no end to the tiny habits that each of us can change that will cumulatively change our home and mend our home.

As i mentioned, none of this is news to any of us. I am not spewing miraculous insight. I am merely reminding myself and hopefully you to do the right thing. If each of us find ways to take action to improve the situation, we will all benefit. We will all thrive as will the generations that come behind us. Nothing feels better than doing the right thing. Now is the time for action. Each of us can be a part of the problem or we can be a part of the solution. They beauty here is that each of us can look at this as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. An opportunity to learn and grow. And opportunity to tune our vibration to a higher frequency.

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