Slow your roll

Keep it simple. K

In this modern day many of us have become very proficient at multitasking and managing chaos. We have become masters of living complex lives. The pace of life in the modern world has found a higher gear and is far more hectic than the days when Andy, Aunt B and Oapie would spend their evenings appreciating idle chit chat on the front porch in Mayberry.

What are the benefits of living such a fast paced life? What sacrifices do we make living a life that keeps us moving from sun up to sun down?

Presumably, by living such a hectic life, we get ahead in life. We earn more money. We get promotions or better jobs. We feel a greater sense of self accomplishment and our self worth rises. But are all those things really true?

What are the advantages of living a more settled pace to life? I for one find many advantages to living a life at a modest pace. Multitasking is rewarding in a sense, but ultimately is is exhausting. As my efficiency increases, my vibration lowers.

When i design my life to live at a slower pace, life becomes easier. Life begins to flow. Living a hectic life feels like swimming upstream against a current. The harder i swim, the harder it gets. But living at a lower pace feels like floating downstream. The lower pace feels like a find a rhythm in life where everything just seems to work out. Life becomes easy.

Have you ever noticed how you can be in a room full of a half dozen people who are all calm and centered and then a frantic person comes in and affects the whole group? The frantic-ness is contagious. And it is detrimental to us all. One person panicking can create mass hysteria. Conversely, during a crisis, one calm person can set an entire group at ease. Being calm is also contagious.

Study after study shows that people who multitask are actually less productive. As an employer myself, i would much rather have an employee complete a task throughly and do a good job than have an employee do three things half-assed.

Living a life that is at a mellower pace has some very compelling advantages. As i mentioned, being calm brings stillness to those around you. Completing one task throughly at a time, clears what i think of as brain clutter. Perhaps most importantly living a modest pace places us in balance with our soul. Living life at the right pace creates harmony.

How often have you snuck away on a vacation and settled in by the pool with a good book and a cool drink to relax and said something like “ahhhh, this is the life, i should do this more often…”. Well, you should heed your own advice. We ALL really should do that more often. Life itself should be more like a vacation than a chore. Don’t schedule your day at a hectic pace. Leave holes in your schedule to sit and have a coffee or a longer lunch so you can read or take a walk. Turn your phone off after 6pm and enjoy your evening.

Life is all about balance. If we find healthy balance by living more simply, we find a rhythm. We find balance and harmony. Finding balance and harmony in return makes us more productive people.

Living life at a modest pace had many health benefits as well. We reduce stress, live longer, get sick less often, sleep much better, have time for more physical exercise or activity. Our relationships with friends and family benefit from slowing our roll. We have time to connect.

So try not overcommitting. Take a week or two to adjust your pace. It will take some getting used to, but i promise you will feel the benefits instantly. Some days in the middle of the day i find a moment (create a moment really) and take a walk or even a hike. I feel like i am playing hookie from school, but when i return, i always find that everything is still rolling along great. As it tuns out, my presence is not required every moment for my business to function perfectly. And my employees appreciate the bit of extra responsibility and freedom to do their wrk when i am not hovering over them.

By changing our pace to life, we can have a dramatic positive impact on the world and the people around us. Our vibration rises and that helps raise the vibration of those in ur proximity. Finding ways to help benefit humanity is the ultimate reward and purpose.

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