Life is a Treasure Hunt

As we are born into this life, into human form, nearly all of our knowledge of our true selves is scrubbed from our memory. Like a sort of amnesia. All of the details of our true nature are in a way, carefully folded up, placed in a trunk which is then placed in the attic for storage.

In lieu of this understanding of self and our source/god, we are given intellect.

This exchange of our conscious self for an intellectual self is a huge gift. From the moment we are born as humans, we get to start solving this riddle. We get the opportunity to try to uncover truth. In this way, life is much like a giant treasure hunt. Life becomes a quest for knowledge and understanding of the “big picture”.

As we search for clues to find our treasure, we get to solve this mystery. In this process, we learn, we grow, we expand as human beings. We get the opportunity to experience the yin and the yang of life. Bliss and sorrow.

For those of us who end up discovering their treasure and find their true selves, a new journey begins. A new awakened reality where all things have new meaning. Those who discover the treasure are gifted a new perspective on life as well as a greater reality. In my experience, this new perspective is like a hyper-existence. Life becomes more vivid.

I realize that this sounds a bit far fetched to those who have not yet discovered it and to those who are still holding fast it the notion that we are individuals rather than part of a greater oneness. I get it. That was my on perspective as well through most of my life.

For those who wish to find their treasure hidden in the attic, my advice is to embrace the treasure hunt. Find teachers, books are a great way to access unlimited folks who can offer you clues to find your treasure. Search to find puzzle pieces. In my experience, enhancing my bond with nature provided many clues. Don’t be shy. To find clues you must be an explorer. Perhaps the most productive component to finding clues to solve this riddle of life is to look inward. Each of us already holds all of the truths deep within our selves. Trust your own intuition.

It is important to realize that finding our true nature, awakening to a new perspective is a beginning. An opportunity for an existence with unlimited bliss and euphoria. The only limit to this bliss appears to be our own intellect. And remember, do not get fixated on the prize. Keep your focus on finding the treasure, but enjoy the journey along the way as well. Always remember to savor the moments…

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