Love is all ya need…

Love. Each being here on earth is love. Love is what we are above all else.

If we move towards love, we become closer with our true self. This is happiness.

If we move away from love, we lose or drift apart from our true self. This is unhappiness.

It really is that simple. If we do things that make us feel happy, we are in line with our truest self. The more we do this, the more bliss we feel. It is possible to live in a way where you are in this state nearly every moment of very day. We are human, so we are bound to have moments here or there where we drop out of bliss,.. but the feeling of not being happy in that moment is our indication to readjust. If we follow our emotions, we can remain in a blissful state almost perpetually.

In contrast, if we choose to behave in ways that make us feel unhappy, we drift from our true selves and we find unhappiness.

We have all had moments in our life where we have said or done something that we regret. Something that makes us ache to our core. This is a horrible feeling. This feeling will haunt us for hours and often even days months or years. Regrettable actions come with shame. This happens because these actions are not a representation of our true self. If we reflect on a time when we have felt this way and have later offered a sincere apology for our words or our behavior, the most remarkable thing happens. The heavy sacks of pain on our shoulders suddenly lift off. We feel light and free. Happiness within us awakens because by rectifying our behavior with our words and gestures, we have realigned with our true self. Love.

There is no good and evil. There is no direct opposite of love. There is love and there is not love. And being in either place is a choice. We each have full control over love or not love every moment of our lives.

If somebody cuts us off in traffic, we can choose to let ourselves react in a way where we become upset or even angry. Or we can slow down just a bit and allow them the space in traffic that they so desperately wanted. Why would any of us choose anger in any situation? Anger does not serve us at all. If we get irked at the person who cut us off, it will affect us for some time after. The irritations may even effect the rest of our day if we allow it. If we choose love in that moment instead, we feel good instead of angry. A few seconds later we are back to our favorite song on the radio unaffected by being cut off.

You see, we each choose in each moment how we want to be. None of us has much control over the folks around us. We can not be responsible for how they behave. But we each do have complete control over how we react to situations.

Just this morning a man and his ten year old daughter darted in front of me as i reached for the door handle of my local coffee purveyor. It was VERY rude and the man knew it too because he mumbled, “we are gonna be late” as he squeezed between me and the door. I had a choice in that moment of how i wanted to react. I could allow myself to tense up and confront the man for his rude behavior and put him in his place in front of his daughter. An act which would not serve any of us at all. OR I could smile and let the duo cut in front of me. The later choice has zero repercussions for me.

If i had reacted in a way of tensing up and confronting the man, i would be moving away from love and away from my true self. By allowing the man and his daughter by, i not only spared myself any discomfort, but i gained a bit of pleasure out of what felt like the right thing to do. I was rewarded for choosing the behavior that brought me closer to love. I was rewarded once again in this moment as well. As the father frantically placed the order for he and his daughter to the lady behind the register, his daughter looked back at me as if to see how annoyed i was by her and her father cutting in front of me. As she looked at me, i smiled at her letting her know i was not only not annoyed, but i was happy. Then she smiled. Love is contagious.

There is no moment of any day when we as individuals do not have complete control over being in a place of love or in a place of not love. There are definitely times in life where this can be an extreme challenge for any of us. But that is exactly why we should practice it at every chance. If we practice love in traffic and at the local coffee house where it is easy to do, it will prepare us to practice it in more extreme situations like losing a loved one. If you want to be a master chef, you must start with the basics, soup and pasta dishes perhaps. The more proficient you get at the basics, the easier the most challenging dishes will become later. When we master the basics, the challenges become easy and natural to us.

Love is a remarkable thing. It is our essence. If we learn to live love, we become masters of our own existence here. We will each become a sort of love beacon. People who are not ready to live in love will drift away from us. Folks who are ready to or do live love will gravitate towards us. Like will attract like and repel those who are not in the same space.

So we can each make a choice, to live in peace and harmony and ease aligned with our true self, or, we can choose a life of struggle and limited happiness apart from our truest nature.

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