Tapping in to intuition

In life, we have all heard expressions like “trust your gut” or “my heart tells me…” or “follow your instincts”. These are not random phrases. In fact, almost nothing in life is random. These phrases endure because they are informations coming from source. Little nudges that may help guide us in life.

The most powerful and potent ability that I or any of us possess is the ability to trust that inner voice. To learn to rely on our intuition. The more we learn to trust our intuitive self, the more easy it becomes to tp in to this resource.

How many times in life have any of us used the phrase “I just knew that was a mistake” or “ i just knew that was going to happen” after an event has just occurred. When we say these things, they are accurate. We did in fact know. For a variety of reasons, we talk ourselves out of these moments of knowing or clarity. We elect to act in a way that is a contrary to our knowing.

There are many many folks that comprehend the dynamics behind this knowing more than I , so i am not going to profess the particulars of how it occurs. I will focus on the mere fact that it does occur every moment of every day. This information resource is available to us every moment of our lives. It is a crucial life skill to learn to recognize this knowing or intuition and utilize it in life. We don’t need to know how electricity works in order to utilize it. We see that’s it works, we trust that it works and aside from a periodic power outage, it works perfectly each and every time we want it. Intuition is no different.

If upon any of us making a substantial decision in life, we teach ourselves to pause for a moment and check in with how we feel about the situation and then trust that feeling, we will benefit each time. That feeling that we are checking in with is our intuitive self. It is opposite from our emotion. These instincts at times may be very challenging to hear or to recognize. It takes constant practice. Other times these instincts are easy to pick up on. If you are about to slide off of a cliff on a snowboard for the first time you will probably hear these instincts loud an clear screaming about the potential of serious repercussions for your actions.

Have you ever jumped into your car to go somewhere only to realize that you forgot your keys in the house? Then you spend “X” number of minutes scrambling to find your keys. Finally you find your keys and then head out on the road. Have you ever pondered that small life instances like this could possibly be a greater force from a source most of us do not realize. Perhaps this a source caused the car key delay which in turn put you moments behind your original departure time. What if our original departure time had us on a perfect timing course with a collision with a giant truck and this source (god if you prefer) that caused the delay bumped us off this collision course and in tern saved out life.

Admittedly, for most of us, there is a certain leap of faith or trust involved here because we are taught from day one to trust what we can see and touch over feeling something. But… there is the same leap of faith in knowing that the lights will come on when we flick the wall switch.

Our intuition is information from a source that is always right and always perfect. What an incredible resource. How much would you pay for a high tech device that could provide this service? Well, skip the crystal ball/device because you don’t need it. This resource is free, it is always on and it is always accurate. All we need in order to utilize it is faith that it exists and taking a moment to tune in to it. Each of us already does it several times each day without knowing it. Why not trust it for all decisions that hold a significant impact?

And next time you forget to lose your car keys, don’t get frustrated. Be grateful that a source that is greater than yourself, (call it whatever you like, god, a guardian angel) just may have helped you avoid disaster.

My inner voice told me early on that i am a carpenter. A builder. I am grateful to have recognized this.

Does this message from my inner voice telling me that i am a carpenter mean that this is all that i am or all that i ever will be. Absolutely not. It was simply an important omen for me that upon recognition of it helped determine and define much of my life’s experiences. It has determined my vocation, my colleagues, many of my friends, my mental and physical health. This omen has presented me with many opportunities and challenges that have rewarded me in life.

If i had opted to ignore this intuition, there is a high probability that i would be a less happy man. As a less happy man, i may have attracted a different spouse or no spouse. I may have had no kids or different kids. The potential ripples from following or not following our intuition are endless. There is no way to extrapolate (good or bad) which direction ignoring intuition may take us.

Our intuition is a gift. Ignoring it is not unlike climbing into a car in a foreign country for a 1000 mile drive to a place you have never been and ignoring the GPS.

With some decisions in life ignoring intuitions the ramifications may be insignificant. With other decisions, the ramifications are surely life altering and potentially fatal.

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