The BIG question

So lets dive right into the big question. Why are we all here in this life on earth? Why does all of this (the universe) exist? What is the meaning of life?

I am actually fairly surprised by how many people avert their attention from this question. It is very difficult to fathom such things, but who does not want to solve the ultimate riddle? Here is my current working theory on things;

I will preface my theory with two caveats. I would like to be clear that i am no more of an expert on the topic than anyone else. I am guy who has studied this riddle for most of my life. That is the sum of my qualifications. The second caveat is that the one thing that i know about comprehending anything, is that it is always detrimental to take firm stances on anything. All things expand and are in flux and a persons theory of anything should be allowed the same fluidity. As i learn and grow, my theory evolves.

So here we go… call it what you will, ALL things derive from one source. That source is pure love. This love is so pure and intense that it is challenging to even imagine. Every being on earth is a fragment of this intense love. Like droplets from the same ocean. As fragments of this love, we are each here with an opportunity to learn and grow. We are each here on earth to expand. Perpetual expansion is a vital component to this system. When we die, we return to our source/love. It’s that sample. Each human is a product of source love, each being exists on behalf of source/love and each human will return to source/love. That is the crux of it all… if i was holding a mic, I would drop it right now for dramatic effect…

Well then,.. if the answer to our existence is THAT simple, why is life’s so darn complicated? Great question, and here is the beauty of it all. Our human existence is noting more than a lifelong academy that provides opportunity for us to grow as beings on behalf of our source or “god” if that term suits you better. Life itself is a university for growth. Life is an opportunity to experience and expand.

If life is really is that simple and that beautiful, why then do horrific things happen in this world? War, rape, school shootings, slavery, violence, corruption, murder, oppression, the list of horrific things in this world is truly endless. Why do these horrific things happen in a world made of pure love? The answer is contrast. Horrific things happen in this world and are a part of this life experience for no reason other than contrast. It is impossible to appreciate the bliss that is warmth unless we have experienced cold first. We can not truly appreciate bliss unless we have experienced pain. The contrast that suffering provides excels our ability to experience bliss, thus accelerating our growth/expansion.

If you place a person in a stark white room with white walls, a white floor, a white ceiling for a period of time, that starkness will be their experience. Growth will be extremely limited in that environment. The human experience will be minimal. No expansion. If you place that same person on a trip around the world, their growth will be dramatic based on the exposure to many things. And if you take that exact same person on a trip that includes climbing Mount Everest and scuba diving to the bottom of the ocean and then to the hottest dessert followed by an excursion to the coldest glacier, that person will grow in a way far more dramatically still.

Humans have a distinct ability to learn most about who we are by learning who we are not. If someone tells me that thew stove is hot and that burns hurt, i will somewhat appreciate their advice. If I accidentally burn myself on the stove and it is painful, there will be no doubt in my mind that i want to avoid that pain in the future. Contrast. Pain and suffering is a contrast that causes us as humans to grow at an accelerated rate that can not be replicated without the pain.

My big brother died at The age of 42. His death was as painful and tragic as just about anything i can imagine. The pain from losing him sparked a spurt of growth in me that continues still nine years later. The tragedy of his death was the catalyst for my own expansion that would never have happened otherwise. As much as i miss my big brother, a am extremely grateful for this experience. From the contrast of the pain of losing him, i have become more able to experience bliss.

This realization inspired a bit of an epiphany for me. There is no evil. I know that’s is a statement that will annoy many folks as much as a getting a wedgie, but hear me out. The loss of my brother caused me great pain. As i processed this pain, my pain evolved into happiness, gratitude, appreciation for life. The pain of such a tragic event is not real. The only thing that makes that pain real is if i perceive it as pain. Our perception of things is what makes them so. If i perceive the loss of my brother as pain and sorrow, then that is what it will be. If I perceive it as beauty and love of a man i adored, then that is what it will be. Pain is nothing more than a perception. Adjusting your perception on anything in life is really that simple. If you dont like the radio station that is playing, turn the dial until you find a station that is one that you prefer.

It really is that simple. All beings are love. Pain and suffering exist only in our minds as a perception to offer us contrast that fosters opportunity for rapid growth. We each have an opportunity in any given moment in life to choose pain or to choose bliss. Happiness is a choice.

Despite your opinion of my theory, i really appreciate you hearing me out.

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