Me and God part two

So is it feasible for each of us as human beings to have our own interpretation of god? Is it possible that we are each correct in our interpretation of god? Is it acceptable for all of us to be correct in our various interpretations? It seems to me that it would benefit all of us as humans if each of us did develop our own interpretation of god. Assuming that we all agree that the fundamental basis of god or any deity is pure love. Who cares if one person thinks that god is an old guy with a long white beard who rides upon clouds while another person thinks that god is as dark skinned woman and another person thinks that god is a celestial mother who takes shape in nature? It seems to me that applying a limited form for god to exist within might only be beneficial to us as humans. Just as we love it when we think our pets display human qualities, we want our gods to be characters that we can relate to. Reflections of us. Why isn’t the idea that god is simply pure love, the love that all things derive from and all things return to at the end of this human experience enough?

Once again, i think that humans have used metaphors to explain beliefs for as long as humans have communicated. I think these characterized images of god are that too. A metaphor to make it easier to identify with god as a being rather than God as an energy.

Metaphors are a fantastic tool to explain things, especially things as complex as religion. But we must be able to see appreciate the metaphors as stepping stones to a less limited view of reality. Here is an example:

Is the Bible a metaphor or did every single event depicted in the Bible actually occur here on earth? Did Jesus actually live here on earth among us or is he a character utilized to make a point? Did an actual physical being die on that cross on behalf of his beliefs or was it a story to shore up a point?

We humans do love stories. Each and every one of us loves a good movie. We each live a story that’s we have told ourselves. In our minds we each create our character. We develop our character though our clothing and our behaviors and our words. We each portray who we want the world to think we are. There is nothing wrong with this, it is all part of being human.

My point is this,.. and Christians, please to not feel like i am picking on you here,.. but does it REALLY matter if Jesus actually walked on this earth among us or if Jesus is a beautiful glorious metaphor that has impacted the entire globe including the non Christian demographic? Does it make any difference whatsoever if Jesus was once a mortal or if he was always metaphoric? If this does matter, why does it matter? The beautiful lessons depicted in the stories of Jesus remain just as powerful either way. A society has been shaped by Jesus regardless.

What would be the down side if every human had their own interpretation of god or a higher power? If each of us receives the message of love, who cares where or who it came from. We each have our favorite foods and our favorite vacation spots and our favorite colors. Why cant we each create our own version of where our life force emanates from? Some of us may even believe in an amalgam of characters and qualities borrowed from multiple sources or systems of faith. I see this as a positive rather than a negative. Life is better with contrast. I don’t want to live in a world where every other person is having the exact same experience as me. I don’t want to exist on a plane where everyone likes the same food or was raised in the same small town. The variety amongst humans is to be celebrated. Contrast equals life itself.

One last thought here- If there is a god, regardless of his faith or form, do you really think he/she would be hung up on the semantics. Do you think that the great spirit would give a puff how they were characterized in our minds or our books? Do you suppose that Buddha resents being portrayed with a big belly rather than a six pack? Let’s please agree that whatever god is,.. god is an energy far beyond this silly superficial stuff. To be honest, i bet the source of all things gets a kick out of George Burns or Morgan Freeman portraying god just as much as we humans do. The essence of god/great spirit/Buddha/allah/source/divinity…. is what counts. Love is the universal energy that creates all beings. To know love is to know our source.

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