Nature = balance

Nature is a flawless example of harmony. When things in nature do get out of balance, her system rebalances itself. If a rodent population increases dramatically in a short period of time, the predator population will adjust accordingly. All Mother Nature needs in order to find perfect balance is time. Sometimes weeks, other times she may need thousands of years. But given time, she will find balance.

Nature is a great place to find lessons on harmony. Harmony and balance are key elements to happiness.

Nature also has a way of washing away all of the noise and nonsense in my life. I can have a chaotic and stressful week and after a short time in the woods, i once again find balance. Hiking in the woods washes stress off my being similar to driving a car through a car wash to get it clean.

As a society, our bond with nature tends to fade more and more with time. We spend more and more time indoors, or in our cars. We end up spending more time experiencing nature on the nature shows on TV than we do in our lives. I think that there is a detrimental void for many of us in our lives created by our disconnect with the natural world. Some of us find ways to compensate for this: We garden at our home or take periodic trips to the beach, or take an annual camping trip, or even eat lunch outdoors periodically. These are all great activities but in a way, they seem like bandaids on a cut that requires stitches.

The easy mistake for us to make as modernized beings is to forget that each of us IS a part of nature. Each of us IS an animal. We are not humans living within nature. We ARE nature. We are a part of the eco system. If you doubt this, go sit on a beach and try to resist touching the sand with your fingertips. Or wade knee deep in a lake or stream and tell me that is not a “homecoming” of sorts. Who among us would not feel blessed or chosen if a butterfly landed on our shoulder. When nature suffers, we suffer. When animals suffer, we suffer. When the forests are unhealthy or burned down to make way for tract homes or crops, we feel that.

We add water features to our gardens and even our desktops. We fill our homes with art that reflects the natural world. We choose clothes based upon seasonal colors. We value genuine wood flooring and furniture. We appreciate windows that provide views of the outdoors. We value natural light in our homes and resent the absence of it in our workplaces. We all marvel when we see wildflowers blooming in mass beside the highways. We prefer natural stone surfaces in our homes to synthetic. We bring bouquets of flowers into our home as a celebration of nature. To our detriment, we may be able to distract ourselves from our connection with nature for prolonged periods, but it is a mistake to ignore our bond with it. Being human is to be animal.

I suggest that in order to find more balance in life, each of us find more ways to celebrate being a part of nature.

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