It’s all true…

Buying in to the notion that all things are nothing more than energy is not easy. Even if it consceptually sounds feasable, believing this idea is not easy.

Science has chased matter down to it’s smallest known particle only to find that particles are ultimately nothing more than vibration. Fundamentally, physics and metaphysics concur. All things are vibration. Vibration is energy.

This would mean that science works as well as the new age logic. It is challenging to fathom that you coffee mug is nothing more than energy. But it is. Your mug is energy packed so densely that it holds liquid. Your table is energy, your pillow is energy, your toothbrush is energy, your bathroom mirror is energy. Not only is your bathroom mirror energy but the reflection you see from it is energy.

Few people would argue that light and sound are not energy. They are each nothing more than wavelengths. Wavelengths = vibration. So,.. if we know this is true about light and sound, why is it such a stretch to beleive all things are vibrations. Wave lengths. Energy.

For the point of conversation, lets just assume that this is true. All things living and static are nothing more and nothing less than energy in various shapes. How would that affect reality as we know it?

If all things are indeed energy, then that means all things can be influenced or manipulated. It means that no tangible thing is more real than sound or light or color. If this is the case, then all things are possible. All things can be true. Every religion is true, every belief is true, healing arts are all true, crystals truly do hold power, Feng shui works as promised, dowsing is real, god is real, thoughts can heal, psychic ability is true, ghosts and spirits exist as do angels and demons.

If all things are energy, then everything is possible. The ONLY vital ingredient is perception. If we perceive something to be real, then it is as real (or not real) as any other thing.

Just because the vibration of your coffee mug is tangible and a healing thought is not does not make one more real than another. All humans know and feel love. Love is perhaps the least tangible thing on earth and it also happens to be the most powerful force on earth. No person doubts the power of love.

If all things are nothing more than energy/vibration, the world becomes a very magical place. For that, i am grateful.

Life can be so easy…

If we choose to swim upstream and fight the tons of water rushing at us, we will find that we become exhausted and frustrated in a very short time. We also realize that all of our effort has not moved us very far. The forces in play here are much greater than ourselves. Choosing to swim upstream will not bring us any level of happiness.

In life we have a simple choice in how we live our lives that can dictate how simple or how difficult our life will be. Despite this choice being a simple “A” or “B” decision, most of us find it challenging to do so. We over complicate things. This simple A or B choice is exactly the difference between swimming upstream agains the current or floating downstream with the current.

If we choose to go with the flow and let the current carry us downstream, it will take very little effort for us to travel great distances. Without the struggle of fighting the current we will have an opportunity to enjoy the journey. To soak up the sights along the way. The moment we make the decision to go with the flow, we will find happiness. Happiness will grow and grow along the way. Life will be easy.

If we choose to live our lives in a fearful, competitive manner, our behaviors will become self centered. This lifestyle will distance us from our true selves. The true nature of all humans is selfless. We will grow further and further away from our creator or “god” if you prefer. To live out of alignment with our true selves is to live a life of struggle fighting for every inch upstream.

If we choose to live our lives in love, discarding selfish behaviors for acts of kindness, we align ourselves with our true nature. We become aligned with our creator. We become one will all and life becomes extremely easy. If we learn to give unconditionally, we will receive in abundance as a result.

Choosing the way we live and how we behave in life truly is as simple as making the choice to do so. Trust your heart. If a thing feels right, then do it. If a thing feels off or wrong, avoid it. Life really can be that easy.

The challenge here is changing our perceptions and our habits. Each of us has spent a lifetime learning habits. Habits that do not benefit us. We believe we have developed a formula for life that will someday pay off. But, if we are not in alignment with our true selves, there will never be a payoff. If we learn to live in alignment with our true selves, the payoff will happen this moment and the payoff will be greater than we ever hoped for. All we have to do is change our perception. In doing so we readjust our priorities and life will come easy to us. We will no longer be chasing happiness.

The pursuit and adoration of material things and physical wealth are detrimental to human spirituality. Prioritizing these things in life is counterproductive to aligning with our true self.

Go jump in a lake!!!

All things and all beings are one. We are one collective energy. Even if you are not convinced of that yet, for the purpose of this conversation, perhaps just assume that belief for now.

All that is required to step in to this oneness is the desire to do so. Much like jumping into a lake. You make the decision and then you leap. It is really as simple as that.

For most of us, this leap into the unknown can be very daunting. It is a leap into the unknown,.. or so we think. In reality, making the leap into our metaphysical selves is more of a homecoming. Once we make the leap we begin to realize that we are in very familiar territory. We end up in a place that is familiar to us rather than foreign to us. But making the leap can be daunting none the less.

For me, my decision to leap into the metaphysical came with me asking myself, what have i got to lose? I realized that there was no potential downside and unlimited potential rewards.

Back to the jumping into a lake analogy. Even when we do decide to jump into the lake, we cannot stay there forever. Regardless of how wonderful it feels, we are humans and we must return to the shore as part of that existence. But, once we have experienced the refreshing waters of the lake, we will no longer resist returning often. In time, we will begin to maintain the bliss of being in the water even while we are on land. We will exist on physical and metaphysical planes at the same time. That, is true happiness.

Maintaining the bliss requires a bit of effort. At least for me it does. As a human, i must remind myself through small acts to stay in alignment with my non physical being. There are countless ways to do this and we must each seek the ways that work best for us. Meditation, nature, eating wholesome food, hugs, gratitude, laughter, exercise are just a few of the ways that is stay in alignment. Every person must find their own tools for doing so, but until you find your own, borrow from others. Test drive other peoples practices. Some will work for you, some will not. As we become accustomed to being in alignment, it becomes more and more effortless.

Each of us has a built in meter for determining out alignment. It is our heart. If something feels good in our heart, it brings us toward alignment. If something does not feel good in our heart, it moves us away from alignment.

It is important to learn to make the distinction between things that make you feel good in your heart and things that please your intellect. Winning the lottery is more likely something that please the intellect. Sharing laughter with a friend (or a stranger) is something that comes from the heart. Going out of our way to the rightful owner of a lost cell phone or wallet feels good in the heart. With a little practice it is easy for us to teach ourselves to distinguish.

So, at times when i find myself drifting out of alignment with my true self, i employ one or more of the practices that bring me back in to alignment. The sooner we acknowledge drifting out of alignment, the easier it is to correct. In very short time, being in alignment becomes second nature and life becomes happy, easy and full of miracles. This is what i call bliss. Once we learn this simple technique, we can simply do things that make us feel happy and avoid things that do not make us happy. I love it when things turn out to be that simple.

Do un to others

Every human on earth will agree with the biblical sentiment “do un to others as you would have done to you…”. It is a great ‘Golden rule’ for navigating life. Treat other people exactly how we wish to be treated.

The best way to let other people know how we wish to be treated is to lead by example. Demanding respect never works. If we demand respect, other folks may pretend to respect us, but respect has to come from the heart. Respect does not originate in the brain.

If we wish to be respected by others, we must act in ways that makes them feel gratitude. We must treat them in ways that makes them feel dignity, equality and higher self worth. Oppressing others is the quickest way i know to lose their respect. Small acts that demonstrate our appreciation for another are very productive.

Years ago as a youth soccer and lacrosse coach i learned early on that kids/people do not hear even productive criticism without first feeling respected. You wont have much success making suggestions to a player on how they can improve their game unless you have offered notice of all of the things that they have done well previously. If i go out of my way to let little Johnny know when he played well, or made a good decision on the field, or that i noticed his extra effort as i see those things, he will be very open to receiving insight from me when i see ways he might improve his game.

Manners go a long way. If i go out to a restaurant to have a meal, and i go out of my way to smile at and treat the server with manners and acknowledge them as a human being, they will react positively. We all would. Small gestures can make the server feel appreciated in n otherwise thankless job. It always amazes me how a few small gestures can change a persons attitude. Asking a cashier I how their day is going. Smiling and nodding at a person passing by. Making other people feel equal is a huge gesture in a society where selfishness is mainstream.

It may not seem like it at times, but every human is dong the best they can with what they have. When we are born, we each have perfect nature. At birth none of us knows anger, or greed, or bigotry. We are not born with any comprehension of selfishness or violence. We are born with only love and pure intentions. All of the negative and selfish behaviors are learned. We are taught those ‘qualities’ by society and by people around us. So, we have the power to teach the opposite trough our actions. Gandhi said “We must be the change we wish to see in the world…”. That applies here too. We must behave in a way that demonstrates how we wish to be treated in the world. What goes around comes around and all that.

Going out of the way to help a neighbor or to be kind benefits us all. Kindness raises the vibration of us as a community. Cruelty is detrimental to us collectively. Selfishness is also detrimental. When a person is acting in a cruel or selfish manner, kindness is the most potent antidote. Love extinguishes the flames of hate. When we practice living in this way not only do we find happiness, but we inadvertently snuff out negativity.

Love your mother

It is interesting to me that we as humans often seem to forget that the earth is our home. The earth is our only sanctuary. Without it we cannot exist. We have no alternative to living here. And yet we treat our Mother Earth very poorly and with great disrespect.

Most of us work diligently to keep our houses clean and in good repair. We make them safe and comfortable. We take pride in our abodes and then we exploit out true home, planet earth.

Folks can argue until they are blue in the face about the cause of the changing global climate, but only an ill informed person would argue that it is not happening.

Travel down any road or highway and you will find litter everywhere. So much so that we often barely notice it. Visit any coastline and you will likely find litter from humans. We have all seen the footage of our ocean waters filled with bits of plastic. We have all heard warnings about risk of eating fish with high mercury content. Most of us have witnessed smog layers over cities, some of us see it every day.

The bottom line is, if we are humans living in a modern world, we are guilty culprits. If you are reading this article, you are a guilty culprit.

I am not tossing out any insight that each of has does not already know. The purpose of this piece is to hopefully add a bit of perspective. We place our trash in cans and every weeks we place our cans at the curb and POOF, our waste vanishes and all is well. If you believe that, you should take a few minutes and visit your local landfill. Once the trash from our cans leaves our neighborhood, it does not vanish. Nearly all of it recyclable or not gets packed into the landfill. A very small percentage of our recyclable waste actually gets recycled. Recycling waste only occurs when it is profitable to do so.

The first step to solving any problem is to become aware that there is a problem. In recent decades various efforts and campaigns have done a brilliant job to make us all aware of the destruction and abuse that we impose upon our planet. The first step has been taken.

It is now time for the second step. Action. We have all seen some changes in society that are evidence of such action. But we can not rely on big business and our legislatures to solve this problem. We are each the cause. We are each responsible to be the cure. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to each other and we owe it to future generations to do the right thing. Laziness is no excuse for inaction.

The most efficient way to remove carbon from the atmosphere also happens to be extremely cheap. Trees. Trees are extemely efficient carbon traps. They sequester carbon and provide oxygen. Those are the elements for cleaning our ozone. It’s that simple. There are organizations that replant forests for as little as $1 per tree. A buck per tree that will clean our air for decades and maybe even centuries. Imagine what our air would be like a decade or so from now if one tree was planted on behalf of each human every year. That s 7.5 billion trees per yer. One dollar per person. Many of us spend $3 per day on a coffee or latte but dont think to offer a few dollars per month or year to help offset climate change. If we are too lazy to act, we can help offset that lethargy by supporting others in their effort financially.

Now is our time as humans and individually to act more responsibly. Each month, develop a new habit that works toward solving the problem. Walk to the store instead of drive. Avoid using single use plastics. Plant a tree in your yard. Donate old goods for re-use. Avoid using chemicals in your garden. Pick up a piece of litter on the street. Buy organic. There is no end to the tiny habits that each of us can change that will cumulatively change our home and mend our home.

As i mentioned, none of this is news to any of us. I am not spewing miraculous insight. I am merely reminding myself and hopefully you to do the right thing. If each of us find ways to take action to improve the situation, we will all benefit. We will all thrive as will the generations that come behind us. Nothing feels better than doing the right thing. Now is the time for action. Each of us can be a part of the problem or we can be a part of the solution. They beauty here is that each of us can look at this as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. An opportunity to learn and grow. And opportunity to tune our vibration to a higher frequency.

Letting go of expectations.

As many brands of philosophy teach, letting go of (not having any) expectations of the outcome of any given situation allows us to live in the moment. It allows us to be content and happy at all times. It allows us to be present.

If i go in to my favorite taqueria expecting to have my favorite burrito just as i have had it a dozen times before, and this time the guacamole tastes different and the salsa is a bit hotter, i am on a path to disappointment. My expectation is the crucial factor here.

If i go in to my favorite taqueria with no expectations other than having a pleasant meal, it wont matter if the burrito is a bit different than usual. My expectation is tht of optimism of the experience rather than an expectation of the experience.

This is even more true with relationships. If we expect our friends or spouses to behave a certain way, we are setting ourself up for a let down. Each person is an individual. It is human to have expectations of others, but it is detrimental to emotionally invest ourselves in those expectations. Every human is on their own path. Our spouses and friends have no obligation to be who we expect them to be. They have an obligation to follow their own heart. Each person owes that to themself.

Rather than have expectations of others behavior, it serves us all to just love them for who they are. To love them unconditionally as individuals. No expectations, no let downs. Adore who people are rather than note who they are not.

It is important to note that desire is not the same as expectations. Desire is very heathy. But it is best to apply our desire with broad strokes. Here is an example. If we are shopping for a home and we want a home that is blue, two story, with shutters and a water fountain in the front yard, we are destined to be let down. If we are shopping for a home and our only expectation/desire is that it is a beautiful comfortable home that makes us happy and that we can afford, the options become endless. Painting desire with broad strokes not only minimizes our potential for disappointment, but opens up a world of options. We may find things we had no idea that we even wanted until we saw it. We may end up with a single story Mediterranean home that we adore far more than the blue home we thought we desired.

Letting go of expectations is liberating. If you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed. No expectations, no stress. Things will rarely unfold the way that we expect them to. Rolling with this rather than resisting this is key to happiness.

Slow your roll

Keep it simple. K

In this modern day many of us have become very proficient at multitasking and managing chaos. We have become masters of living complex lives. The pace of life in the modern world has found a higher gear and is far more hectic than the days when Andy, Aunt B and Oapie would spend their evenings appreciating idle chit chat on the front porch in Mayberry.

What are the benefits of living such a fast paced life? What sacrifices do we make living a life that keeps us moving from sun up to sun down?

Presumably, by living such a hectic life, we get ahead in life. We earn more money. We get promotions or better jobs. We feel a greater sense of self accomplishment and our self worth rises. But are all those things really true?

What are the advantages of living a more settled pace to life? I for one find many advantages to living a life at a modest pace. Multitasking is rewarding in a sense, but ultimately is is exhausting. As my efficiency increases, my vibration lowers.

When i design my life to live at a slower pace, life becomes easier. Life begins to flow. Living a hectic life feels like swimming upstream against a current. The harder i swim, the harder it gets. But living at a lower pace feels like floating downstream. The lower pace feels like a find a rhythm in life where everything just seems to work out. Life becomes easy.

Have you ever noticed how you can be in a room full of a half dozen people who are all calm and centered and then a frantic person comes in and affects the whole group? The frantic-ness is contagious. And it is detrimental to us all. One person panicking can create mass hysteria. Conversely, during a crisis, one calm person can set an entire group at ease. Being calm is also contagious.

Study after study shows that people who multitask are actually less productive. As an employer myself, i would much rather have an employee complete a task throughly and do a good job than have an employee do three things half-assed.

Living a life that is at a mellower pace has some very compelling advantages. As i mentioned, being calm brings stillness to those around you. Completing one task throughly at a time, clears what i think of as brain clutter. Perhaps most importantly living a modest pace places us in balance with our soul. Living life at the right pace creates harmony.

How often have you snuck away on a vacation and settled in by the pool with a good book and a cool drink to relax and said something like “ahhhh, this is the life, i should do this more often…”. Well, you should heed your own advice. We ALL really should do that more often. Life itself should be more like a vacation than a chore. Don’t schedule your day at a hectic pace. Leave holes in your schedule to sit and have a coffee or a longer lunch so you can read or take a walk. Turn your phone off after 6pm and enjoy your evening.

Life is all about balance. If we find healthy balance by living more simply, we find a rhythm. We find balance and harmony. Finding balance and harmony in return makes us more productive people.

Living life at a modest pace had many health benefits as well. We reduce stress, live longer, get sick less often, sleep much better, have time for more physical exercise or activity. Our relationships with friends and family benefit from slowing our roll. We have time to connect.

So try not overcommitting. Take a week or two to adjust your pace. It will take some getting used to, but i promise you will feel the benefits instantly. Some days in the middle of the day i find a moment (create a moment really) and take a walk or even a hike. I feel like i am playing hookie from school, but when i return, i always find that everything is still rolling along great. As it tuns out, my presence is not required every moment for my business to function perfectly. And my employees appreciate the bit of extra responsibility and freedom to do their wrk when i am not hovering over them.

By changing our pace to life, we can have a dramatic positive impact on the world and the people around us. Our vibration rises and that helps raise the vibration of those in ur proximity. Finding ways to help benefit humanity is the ultimate reward and purpose.